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Nourishing the Brain & Body

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

My favourite fact to share with clients is that even though the human brain only weighs an average of 3 pounds, accounting for ~2% of the average persons total body weight, they use up 20-40% of the energy (calories) and nutrients we consume on a daily basis in order to function properly!

Our brains are the most metabolically active organ in the entire body, meaning they are taking up the most because they are creating the most - spitting out a constant flow of hormones and adjusting body chemistry/communication based on a minutes notice. They lets us perceive the world around us through sight/smell/touch, react to stimulus, mobilize, digest, regulate our moods, learn and grow,…. I think you get the point. The way we interact with and move through the world depends on a well functioning brain.

SO, it goes without saying that nourishing the body means nourishing the brain - therefore if we are undercutting our needs you better believe you are limiting your brain and cognitive function as well!

This is why dieting can be SO detrimental, not only are we impacting our physical health, but we are also diminishing our brains role in allowing us to engage in life fully and cognitively manage stress, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental/emotional health concerns.


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