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Meet Amber & The Nourished Co.!

Hi 👋

There have been lots of new faces joining the Nourished community as of late, so I wanted to take a few minutes to re-introduce myself & the practice!

My name is Amber, I’m the Registered Clinical Dietitian & owner of The Nourished Collaborative!

I’m originally from Kelowna, BC, but have lived all across Canada for different education opportunities! I completed my nutrition undergrad in Nova Scotia & my graduate degree in Toronto, before coming back to BC for my residency. I love travelling, so I drove across the country both times for schooling - which was a blast! I opened my private dietetic practice in 2020, which was originally Nourish to Flourish. I loved working with my clients & seeing them thrive, but in many cases I knew that having an additional mental health practitioner to round out support would be hugely beneficial… & so The Nourished Co. was born!

We’re now an integrative & virtual wellness clinic offering accessible dietetic & counselling support to anybody in BC. Our goal is to bridge mental & physical healthcare so that our clients can meet their health goals in a more meaningful & realistic way. We do this by meeting each individual wherever they are at on their health journey & by providing education/skills-based support. This way, our clients are walking away with a new set of skills & knowledge to confidently continue managing & meeting their own health goals!

Collectively, we specialize in disordered eating/eating disorders, intuitive eating/breaking the diet cycle, body image, self-worth/self-compassion, mental health, stress management, neurodiversity & gut health!

Living with & recovery from my own eating disorder in the past, as well as managing ADHD & depression in my daily life, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find genuine, effective, & informative support. That awareness/lived experience is what informed & continues to shape The Nourished Co. We can offer authentic and empathetic support to our clients, because we get it!

So, thanks for being part of our community & helping the Nourished Co. grow! If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to send a DM or reach out by phone/email!

Stay healthy 💕


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