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Welcome, Tamara RD!

Meet Tamara, our newest team member and Registered Dietitian!

We are SO excited to welcome Tamara to The Nourished Co. team, not only because of her years of professional experience as a Dietitian, but also because of her lived experiences that help shape and inform her practice - a common thread among all Nourished Co. practitioners!

Cultivating a space of genuine understanding, empathy, and compassion for our clients at The Nourished Co. is SO important to us, because we all understand how hard it can be to navigate your health without the proper support.  So, not surprisingly, Tamara’s nutrition counselling fits perfectly within this self-set and lead expectation!

Tamara is passionate about empowering YOU to feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of your life and health. That way, living your most authentic, healthy, and balanced life becomes a realistic and sustainable goal! She works with her clients from an evidence-based and intuitive lens to help them better understand their nutrition needs, as well as their relationship with food.

One of Tamara's main goals as a Dietitian is to help her clients heal their relationship with food and their bodies, so they can have more comfort and confidence! This is because she knows firsthand how detrimental struggling with these things can be to ones mental, emotional, and physical health. As a former track and field athlete, she struggled with her own disordered eating and body image concerns, which she since overcame and now allows to inform her practice and connection with clients!

Tamara is currently pursuing her certification as an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, and specializes in:

  • Intuitive Eating (currently becoming a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor)

  • The Disordered Eating Spectrum (restriction, binge eating, night time eating, emotional eating, food rules, guilt/shame with food, etc.)

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Balanced Eating and Meal Planning

Tamara completed her nutrition degree and dietetics training at the University of Manitoba, with an exchange semester in Gold Coast, Australia. She moved to Vancouver 4 years ago as she loved being surrounded by mountains, ocean, and forest! When she isn’t working, Tamara loves to travel, spend time outdoors, and hang out with her dog, Rio!

“I’m so happy you're here and excited to get to know you and support you in this journey!” - Tamara RD


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