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I've been AWOL!

Because I started to feel this unspoken pressure that every post I put out into the world had to be perfect and reflect a level of togetherness that I just DO NOT possess most days!

Reality is: I am so busy with clients, appointments, and my own responsibilities throughout the week that it can be SO unrealistic to keep up with the level of expectation that I set for myself and my presence on social media - which is NOT in alignment with my values of authenticity, integrity, and balance!

SO, the new commitment to my business (and self) is to spend the hours I do have showing up for myself, my clients, and my people in the most authentic way I can.

Consistently making visually pleasing (or perfectly balanced) meals and spending the time it takes to make the fun infographics I like to share is just NOT reflective of my reality at this time. SO, I am choosing to move forward with snapshots of my ACTUAL life and the strategies/lifestyle patterns I personally use to manage MY mental health, ADHD, and time!

I am a person first, and a dietitian/health care practitioner second. Therefore, I want to start sharing the reality of navigating life with mental illness through the lens of a trained health care practitioner in the mental health and nutrition field! Because THAT is what I needed so badly when I was at my lowest in my eating disorder and depression - NOT a sugar-coated reality of what life and food should look like to succeed…

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