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Happy Face, Neurodiversity


It's a superpower, we just have to learn how to understand, accept, and manage it in a way that works for us

Tailored support for you and your unique needs

Living with neurodiversity (our areas of focus: ADHD, ASD & OCD) can present unique challenges that require unique solutions. Get the tools, strategies, and compassionate support you deserve in order to achieve your authentic well-being!

“Neurodivergent” refers to having a brain that works differently from a “neurotypical” person. Symptoms or comorbidities of neurodivergence typically fall within a large spectrum, making each individual's experience unique to them. What is important to recognize is that the way in which we nourish our body and brain is pivotal to well-managed and optimized neurodiversity, since our hormones and stimulant medication require certain nutrients to function!

You may:

  • experience or perceive society differently than others naturally do

  • have issues with sensory processing or overload, potentially getting over- or understimulated struggle with learning or communicating in the way others do

  • find yourself "masking" to fit into the crowd you're surrounded with

  • feel detached from your interoceptive cues (i.e., for hunger, fullness, and/or your emotions)

  • get overwhelmed in the face of multi-step tasks, or experience "decision fatigue"

  • and more... but there is a whole world of benefits that come with well-managed and nourished neurodiversity!

Benefits of working with a professional in neurodiversity:

Improve your focus and energy levels throughout the day, to avoid crashes

Find simpler ways to consistently nourish your body, with intention

Feel confident understanding and respecting your brain & body's needs 

Find ways to increase the balance and consistentcy of your food intake 

Cultivate self-compassion, curiosity, and mindsets that allow you to better manage and prioritize your health

Learn new strategies to manage irradic or irregular eating, often linked to under- or overstimulation.

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