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Meal Planning

Meal Planning 

Healthy meal plans made for your busy life. Feel confident in nourishing your body in a balanced way.

Meals made easy

Our meal plans are focused on helping clients achieve meaningful and sustainable health goals, such as improving your energy, mood stability, strength, digestion, mental health, or whatever else may matter to you! For this reason, they are designed to be food and weight-neutral, and as such follow balanced, evidence-based approaches to health and nutrition.

The Nourished Co.’s “meal plans” are not diets or another restrictive eating plan, instead, we try to explain them more as "intuitive guidelines" or "meal guideposts" that can help support and inspire greater variety and balance of meals. Our plans are designed by a Dietitan that has gotten to know your unique health and nutrition needs, with the overarching goal of helping you feel more confident and autonomous managing your own meal planning on an ongoing basis!

Areas that balanced meal planning & education can support you in:

Feel more confident nourishing your body in a way that supports your overall health and wellbeing

Gain an appreciation for how food nourishes the body, increasing internal motivation for self-care through balanced eating

Begin moving towards a genuine understanding of healthy eating, so you can confidently leave any unnecessary restrictive dieting in the past

Get suggestions and guidelines from a Registered Dietitian that are based on your own goals and needs

Learn tools that may support the sustainability of any lifestyle changes you are embarking on

Learn how to meal plan for yourself, which can help support a more fine-tuned grocery list, reduce food waste, and allow you to feel more in-control of your nutrition throughout the week

Why Our Meal Planning Is Different

Nutritionist Smiling, Dietitian Approved, Meal plan


You'll be working with and receiving a guide that is created by a Registered Dietitian, meaning it is evidence-based and coming from a reliable source with YOUR best interest in mind! Dietitians are the go-to healthcare practitioners for nutrition, so the source of your meal plan should be too! 

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