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Intuitive Eating Break Diet Cycle

Intuitive Eating

Break the Diet Cycle, Improve the Relationship with Your Food and Body, and Heal Your Metabolism.
If you’re tired of dieting and think there must be a better way to approach food and nutrition, you’re in the right place. 

Intuitive Eating:
A NEW approach to nutrition

Eat in a way that feels good

Intuitive eating offers a holistic approach that is designed to help you heal your relationship with food, body, and movement! When we are able to move into a more neutral and trustworthy place with these things, we can then begin nourishing in a way that truly feels good for us - mentally, emotionally, and physically!


Unlike dieting, intuitive eating is a process, where you will begin to:

  • Release shame and guilt from eating

  • Improve and empower your relationship with food and your body

  • Tune into and/or learn to respect your hunger and fullness cues

  • Feel confident building balanced and satisfying meals

  • Integrate the concepts of joyful movement and self-compassion

  • & more!

Body neutrality and respect go hand-in-hand with intuitive eating. In the same way that we can let go of attaching our worth to the foods we consume, we can begin to let go of the idea that our intrinsic value is derived from our body shape or size. Instead, we focus on bringing other, more meaningful and important, health goals to the surface - like improving your energy, focus, sleep quality, emotional or mental resiliency, strength, or stamina! 

Signs your relationship with food may need attention:

You feel like you need more “willpower” when it comes to food

You feel like you’re addicted to sugar or spend all day thinking about food

You can’t keep “junk” food around for fear you would eat it all

You feel anxious, guilty, or shameful before or after eating certain foods

You compare what you eat and how you look to others around you

You have "food rules" (i.e., "I should only eat bread once a day", "I can't eat after 7pm", "don't drink your calories")


You "compensate" for 'over' eating (i.e., "make up for it" by eating less at the next meal, exercising to "burn it off")

Intuitive Eating The Nourished Collaborative

It is an evidence-based alternative to dieting

One of our goals and areas of expertise at The Nourished Co. is working with clients and the community on healing their relationships with food and body, which is no small feat in a society absolutely shrouded in diet culture (the unfair and unrealistic expectation that there is a “one-size-fits-all” body and that all others are less worthy or “unhealthy”) as well as misinformation surrounding nutrition and how to nourish the body in a balanced and intuitive way…


It has gotten to the point that nowadays it often seems more normal to diet, have our worth wrapped up in our weight, and to gauge our success or willpower based on “how we are doing” with our eating or exercise than it does to listen, respect, and accept our bodies individualized needs for nutrition, movement, and a healthy weight! In the same vein then, we are usually more well-versed and comfortable with being our own harshest critics than we are treating ourselves with compassion or kindness… which makes sense since diet culture is intended to foster discontentment, comparison, and perceived “failure”.

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