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Amber Whittemore BSc MHSc RD

Founder of The Nourished Co., Embodiment and Life Coach, Registered Dietitian, Team Lead

Neurodiversity & Mental Health | Disordered Eating | Body Image & Intuitive Eating | Gut Health


Hey there, I'm Amber! The founder and team lead at The Nourished Co. Thanks for taking some time to get to know a bit more about me and my approaches, your time is valuable so I appreciate you spending it here!

I am a trained Registered Dietitian (RD) currently practicing as an Embodiment and Life Coach with my clients. As an RD with a Masters in Health Science and Nutrition Communication, I have a compiled 7 years of accredited education and training in the specialized areas of human health and nutrition. I synergistically bridge together my expertise and experience as a trained healthcare professional with what I've learned from my lived and professional experiences specializing as a nutrition counsellor in my respective areas (see above). This has allowed me to begin bringing to life my vision of what I believe true 'health'care is meant to look like, inspiring the intuitive, client-centred, and open-hearted approaches both I, and The Nourished Co. at large, take with clients.

The goals of life coaching, for me, are to forge a new path with my clients, wherein they can work to access their own inner wisdom (intuition) through learning to care for their body and Self in more holistic, meaningful, and sustainable ways. I support my clients in accessing higher levels of self-compassion, self-awareness, and a sense of embodiment/empowerment in their lives, in an effort to guide them toward reclaiming a life that feels more authentic and congruent.

While I am originally from Kelowna, BC, I have spent much of the last decade travelling - and not much has changed! The Nourished Co opened in 2021, and officially transitioned to being a fully virtual healthcare practice in 2022, allowing for increased flexibility, access, and the capacity for our practitioners to still connect with their clients through any desired travels (and vice versa!). My love for travelling is deeply rooted in my personal values of balance, freedom, and learning, which have been steadfast ever since moving to Nova Scotia to complete my undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition, Acadia University) 2014. My driving factor for becoming a dietitian was to step into the field of mental health, eating disorders, and healing, seeing massive gaps in these areas during my own lived experience with mental illness/neurodiversity, an eating disorder, and healing.

Since graduating with my masters (Toronto Metropolitan University) and completing my residency (Kelowna General Hospital, Interior Health) in 2020 I have had exposure to diverse career opportunities, which I am overwhelmingly grateful for. They have ranged from being a clinical dietitian working in areas from the GI unit to the mental health ward to the ICU, as well as working in private practice and community dietetics as a nutrition counsellor and day treatment/program lead. Over the past two years, The Nourished Co has naturally grown to the point where it's become its own entity of sorts, becoming my sole/Soul focus as it continues to evolve and align in an effort to consistently provide the most meaningful, sustainable, and holistic support it can to our clients and the community.

I am honoured to hold the space I get to with and for clients, and hope to have the opportunity to connect!

Amber Whittemore BSc MHSc RD
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