Sports Nutrition

Make Accomplishing Fitness and Sports Goals Easier

Moving our bodies for joy can be a great way to increase our overall health through optimizing muscle mass, cardiovascular health, stamina, bone density, and mental health!

Whatever your fitness or movement goals may be, from hitting the gym to pilates to trail running, we need to make sure we are fuelling adequately for it. If we don't, we risk not only injury but also damaging our overall health and hindering our likelihood of accomplishing our health goals. When we engage in movement we are naturally damaging our muscles and burning through our nutrient and energy stores. When we're properly fuelling that movement, the food we consume around is used for charging the movement, healing and re-building muscles, and fostering a healthy metabolism.


However, if we're not adequately fuelling our movement, then the body starts to "stall" in a sense. We may find ourselves burning out quicker, not recovering as quickly, or not seeing the progress we'd like. This may be happening for a few reasons, such as our bodies not having enough energy to fuel the movement to begin with (so we're pulling from and diminishing our reserves) or only having a finite amount of energy for adequate function (so, the body will direct that to life-essential function and vital organs, not healing or building our muscle mass.

Working with a dietitian can help you feel confident you are meeting your nutrition needs so accomplishing your health, fitness, or movement goals is more attainable. 

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