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Our Approach

This is your journey first and foremost, we are simply here to help guide you along the way so you can better understand and support your own health, growth, and well-being. In this way, we help you pave a new path - since that is often what is needed!

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Personalized Plans

Know that you will be met exactly where you are at on your healthy journey, and that the path we take is built around your unique history, needs, and goals. We are dedicated to seeing each client as a unique individual with personalized needs, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, because we simply know that this approach doesn’t often work (or resonate!). Our promise to clients is that you will feel validated, heard, and respected when working with us, as well as in control of your own health journey!

Authentic Support

Along with our top priorities being YOU and YOUR health, we always want to make sure our clients feel the space we are holding for them is warm, caring, and non-judgmental. This matters to us because we know firsthand, from lived and professional experience, how important having a genuine and compassionate care team in your corner is! We are not here to judge or correct, we are here to educate and support in as meaningful a way as we can.

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Trustworthy Care

Our team is made up of licensed healthcare practitioners who have spent an average of 7 years being trained and honing their craft throughout their accredited undergraduate, graduate, and/or practicum programs. And while this lays the groundwork for our evidence-based and client-centered approaches (which will always keep your health and well-being a top priority), it is our unique practitioners and their willingness to let their own lived experiences shape how they provide the support that really has become what The Nourished Co. is known for.

Holistic Healthcare

We bridge your physical, emotional, and mental healthcare in one innovative and accessible space - because we know that there is no health without addressing all components of genuine well-being. Our Registered Dietitians, or Nutritionists, specialize in education and nutrition counselling that is aimed at developing a deeper sense of appreciation and connection to food and our bodies. When we can feel more confident managing our health in balanced and intuitive ways, we innately are more motivated to follow suit. Our Registered Clinical Counsellors approach mental and emotional health in a way that feels validating and safe, in an effort to help you feel more autonomous in taking care of yourself in a compassionate and meaningful way.

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