Mental Health & Neurodiversity

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The dietitians at The Nourished Collaborative, Amber and Tamara, utilize evidence-informed, goal-oriented, and skills-based approaches when teaching their clients about the role of nutrition in their mental and physical health. The approaches of both Amber and Tamara are informed by their own lived experiences with disordered eating/eating disorders, and Amber is uniquely motivated to help those living with neurodiversity (ADHD, ASD), anxiety, and depression given her mental health history and journey. Our dietitians are passionate about bringing clients into a healthier and more neutral state of mind surrounding the eating experience and body image, thus moving them out of diet culture and into a more intuitive and free place with food, the scale, and movement.  Amber and Tamara know firsthand (and from the research) how harmful dieting, disordered eating, and low self-worth can be to the whole human experience and one's quality of life. Our clients are educated on the body and its adaptive mechanisms, because (contrary to popular belief) the more restrictive and impaired the relationships with food and our bodies are, the more we struggle to find balance and intuition in our eating experiences - thereby leading to more binging, emotional eating, and obsessive thoughts around food. 


Our promise to clients is that our nutrition counselling will always be inclusive and client-centred, meeting each individual where they are at on their health journey with empathy, compassion, and authenticity.