Intuitive Eating & Body Image Support

Diet Culture: The cultural expectation that we "should" be valuing thinness and aesthetics over our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. It stigmatizes certain bodies while simultaneously elevating others, and attaches worth (good, bad) to the foods we are consuming. 


We have all been exposed to and affected by diet culture, but it doesn't have to define us. In a society that literally benefits off of us disliking ourselves and our bodies, it is no wonder so many of us fall victim to the idea that dieting is the answer to all of our problems. But, there is a reason "diets don't work" - they aren't designed to. If diets were actually an effective way to manage weight or gain self-confidence, then people wouldn't spend their entire lives jumping from diet to diet while simultaneously losing their self-worth and metabolism at the same rate. Diets are designed to fail, which is why the diet industry generates $60 billion per year with over a 95% failure rate.


You didn't fail your diet, your diet and our culture failed you.

Eating Corn in the Square

Moving into intuitive eating means gaining a deeper understanding of diet culture, letting go of unrealistic expectations, ending the war against food and learning to trust yourself around it again. Together, we will address the "diet myths"  you've been harbouring and work on detaching shame and guilt from eating. Once we've established a healthier relationship with food, we can begin integrating the concepts of joyful movement and balanced nutrition (all foods fit), so you can be confident you are meeting your needs and taking care of your health in the best way possible - without dieting.

Body neutrality and respect go hand-in-hand with intuitive eating, in the same way that we can let go of attaching our worth to the foods we consume, we can ditch the idea that our intrinsic value is derived from our body shape or size. We focus on bringing other, more meaningful and important, health goals to the surface - so we can move into body neutrality, acceptance, or respect, rather than spending our one life hating the only body we'll ever have. 

Break the Diet Cycle, Improve the Relationship with Your Food and Body, and Heal Your Metabolism
(Often Impaired from Chronic Dieting)