Gut Health

Stomach Ache

Our gut is one of the most important factors in regulating our overall health and wellbeing, so when there are persistent concerns with how it's functioning it makes sense that people begin struggling in more ways than one!

Some key roles of our gastrointestinal (GI) tract include it:

  • Being the first line of defence in our immune system.

  • Creating specific enzymes to break down our food, the complex digestive process, and proper absorption of all our nutrients.

  • Sharing a nervous system with the brain and therefore being linked to mental health, which likely goes both ways (the gut impacts the brain, and vice versa).

  • Housing our microbiome (gut bacteria), which produces hormones and chemicals that are linked to healthy weight maintenance, controlling inflammation, improved moods, and more.

Because of the complexity of our gut, we try to take a big picture approach when addressing any presenting concerns. This not only includes a comprehensive assessment of the types, frequency, and quality of our food, but also our hydration status, use of substances, stress levels and how we are coping, our relationship with food, movement, and more! 

Improve Digestion, the Microbiome, and Chronic GI Concerns