Our Fees & Packages

Our accredited healthcare team offers unique packages, as well as individual sessions, that are designed to fit any lifestyle, need, or health goal!



Our packages are build to be dynamic and offer the opportunity to integrate support from our Nutrition Counselling Dietitians (Amber or Tamara), Registered Counsellor (Ally), and/or our Meal Planning Dietitan (Maddy). 

Clinical Counselling

Life coaching

Nutrition Counselling

Young Dietitian



Lifestyle Packages

for optimizing your overall health and wellbeing

Get the meaningful support you need to create sustainable lifestyle change with our nutrition counselling dietitians and/or clinical counsellor. The sessions within these packages can be spent with one or multiple practitioners - so you get the well-rounded and integrated guidance you deserve! 

*Prices are for individual packages. Additional fees for Family sessions are to be discussed with your practitioner(s).

Practitioners you can work with: Amber, RD, Tamara, RD, Ally, RCC, Maddy, RD

Meal Planning Packages

for direction with your nutrition

Work with Maddy, our designated meal planning dietitian, to receive an individualized guide for meals that is developed personally for you, your needs, and your goals. Take the opportunity to discuss your concerns and goals prior, during a Discovery Call, as well as after you receive your plan to get any questions you have answered!

Practitioners you can work with: Maddy, RD


Important notes about packages:

  1. All packages are billed out under the accredited healthcare professional(s) you are working with, as such they are tax deductible and may be covered by your extended health benefits if Registered Dietitians and/or Counsellors are covered. 

  2. Meal Planning packages, or packages that include this, always integrate a discovery call for Maddy to get to know you and your needs better, a personalized meal plan created for you and your goals, and one or more follow-ups with Maddy to ask any questions or make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

  3. Payment for packages are due upfront, but can be billed out separately as needed for your benefits plan, you can always talk to your pratitioner about this during your meet and greet, initial assessment, or discovery call!