Nutrition Education and Psychoeducation

Nutrition Education: Work with Amber, the Registered Dietitian, to gain a deeper understanding of nutrition and not only what or how to eat, but why it matters. Gaining knowledge and an understanding of how to evaluate nutrition information and claims can be a critical skill in today's day and age. There is a lot of misinformation out there,  so equipping yourself with evidence-based knowledge surrounding food, nutrition, and health can give you a leg up when bombarded with false claims. Understanding how our bodies use different nutrients to function can also help motivate meaningful behaviour change to move into a more balanced lifestyle sustainably. 

Psychoeducation: Work with Ally, the Clinical Counsellor, to foster a more accurate and de-stigmatized understanding of your mental health concerns and how they can manifest and show up in different ways. Holding the space to be educated on your mental illness can allow for a better relationship it, because we can begin to lean into the comfort of knowing how our brains may be functioning differently, and that we are not at all alone in our struggle. Gaining a deeper understanding of our mental health can also help us find new ways to cope and move forward in acceptance. 

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