Areas of Expertise

Our unique team each has their own lived experience within the areas of expertise that The Nourished Collaborative is now known for supporting their community in: disordered eating/eating disorders, intuitive eating, body image work, gut health, mental health and neurodiversity! What this means is that we get these struggles from the inside out, so, in addition to being trained and specializing in these areas, we are deeply passionate about helping others recover and thrive through them as well!

Upset Stomach

Gut Health

Heal your gut health and get help managing your gastrointestinal (GI) concerns, such as: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), low FODMAP or elimination diets, reflux or GERD, digestive issues, and more! 

Nutritional Cooking

Nutrition Education

Accredited nutrition and psychoeducation that is designed to help you gain skills and knowledge to better understand and manage your health. Learn how dieting impacts the metabolism, how and why to balance out nutrition, and more!


Mental Heath & Eating Disorders

Get help with managing your mental health, neurodiversity, and recovery both from a nutrition and counselling perspective. We specialize in:

  • Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders

  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress

  • ADHD, ASD, Food-Sensory Concerns

  • Trauma, Relationships, and Communication

Healthy dish

Plant-based Eating

Plant-based eating can be a great way to optimize your overall health and promote healing, but it takes a bit more planning. Ensure you're meeting your body's nutrient needs while nourishing it with sustainable alternatives. 


Intuitive Eating

Break the diet cycle, heal the relationship with your food and body, and learn how to manage patterns of over-eating or coping with food. You don't have to keep the fight going!

Staying Hydrated

Sports Nutrition

Feel confident that you are fuelling your body and movement in the most effective way possible, to ensure you're staying safe and hitting your fitness goals! 


Relationship with Food & Body Specializations

Intuitive Eating

Enjoying Hambuger

We specialize in Intuitive Eating counselling and nutrition support, which emphasizes healing the relationship with food, our bodies, and movement! We live in a diet-culture-rich society, where we are taught that we SHOULD be dieting and that our bodies or the foods we choose to eat are associated with our worth... but it doesn't have to be that way! When we can learn how to neutralize our relationship with food and our bodies, we not only start to release the guilt and shame that may be associated with these things but also tend to take BETTER care of ourselves with our newfound respect, gratitude, and understanding of food and our bodies adaptive and protective mechanisms.

Nutrition Education

Healthy Meal

We believe knowledge is power, so our dietitians offer nutrition education to help YOU not only better understand HOW to fuel yourself in a balanced way, but WHY it matters! We find that when clients can have a deeper understanding of how the nutrients in food fuel the body for optimal physical, mental, and emotional function, they are often a lot more intrinsically motivated to nourish in a balanced way. That doesn't mean we avoid certain foods in the name of health, it means we feel more confident meeting our basic needs with the additional knowledge that also having fun foods does NOT take away from our health!

Body Image & Confidence

Friends at the Beach

Cultivating a sense of neutrality, respect, and gratitude for our bodies can be one of the most impactful ways to move through body image and self-confidence issues. We work with our clients to do just that, while also helping them to understand more about their bodies and the misinformation that circulates regarding body size and health outcomes! We are a weight-neutral clinic that promotes body acceptance and commits to taking a non-pathologized and de-stigmatized approach to health and wellness!

Meal Planning

Working Woman

Trying to find a personalized and reliable meal plan can be next to impossible... not to mention the fact that most of the plans out there are created without adequate training or knowledge surrounding the body and nutrition! That's why our dietitian, Maddy, works one on one with her clients to better understand their specific concerns, needs, and goals, PRIOR to creating personalized plans for her clients. And because Maddy is a registered dietitian, you can feel confident the plan is safe, evidence-based, and cultivated with YOUR best interests in mind! Of note, because we are a food and weight-neutral clinic, plans are created with the goal of optimizing clients' overall health and wellbeing! NOT with the primary goal of weight loss or restriction. We create balanced nutrition care plans that are sustainable and actually nourish the body and brain! 


Nutrition Specifics
Gut Health, Plant-Based Eating & Sports Nutrition

Gastrointestinal Health

Hugging a Pillow

We work to better understand our client's GI, gut, and/or digestive issues in a systematic fashion. That means we assess overall health and wellbeing before jumping to any conclusions or turning to restrictive elimination diets or supplements! Because our gut is so closely linked to our mental, emotional, and stress states, we often spend time navigating potential triggers in the environment in addition to just looking at the diet, and subsequently integrating strategies aimed at calming down the nervous system and coping with stress as well! We work frequently with clients living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), reflux (GERD), and chronic indigestion/pain.  

Sports Nutrition

Staying Hydrated

Getting your nutrition needs met is not only important for reducing the risk of injury and promoting recovery from activity (be it in the gym, running, swimming, hiking, or high-level sports/athletics) but also to aid in meeting your individual fitness goals! We work with our clients to help them better understand their nutrient needs in relation to their fitness and activity levels, so that they can continue pushing themselves in ways that feel good in a safe and effective way! We do not focus on calorie or macro-counting, rather, honing in on balanced eating and meal timing from more of an intuitive lens, to reduce the stress around food and meal planning!

Plant-Based Eating

Chopping Vegetables

Plant-based eating can be a great way to not only fuel the body but also promotes sustainability and environmental change! While it never has to be all-or-nothing, integrating more plant-based options into your diet can have many benefits. Getting your nutrient needs met through plant-based eating is entirely possible, but does take a bit more planning and mindfulness! That's where we come in, to help ensure your needs are being met and that you feel confident meeting them!


Eating Disorders, Mental Health & Neurodiversity Specializations

Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders

Pasta Meal

We work closely with disordered eating and eating disorder clients, in an effort to de-stigmatize the struggle and find strategies to begin healing emotionally, mentally, and physically. We work with clients anywhere on the disordered eating spectrum, be it overeating, binge eating, nighttime eating, restrictive eating patterns, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, ARFID, Ortharexia, or other common struggles with food and body.

Mental Health Nutrition

Friendly Conversation

Our mental and emotional health is intrinsically linked to our nutrition status, the same way our physical health is! This is because the hormones and cognitive function required for us to regulate our mood, perceptions, and emotions, hinge on the nutrients that we are consuming. Even the medications we may be on for our mental health likely will not be doing their job optimally without the proper nutrition on board! We work with our clients to educate them on the importance of nutrition in mental health and neurodiversity, as well as to encourage their intake with meal plans and other necessary supports. 

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Counselling

Online counselling

Ally specializes in IFS counselling, or Parts Theory, which is a non-pathologized style of counselling that views mental illness and diagnoses' through a non-judgemental lens that allows for compassion and curiosity. Instead of fighting with our struggles, IFS poses the possibility to hold space for understanding them more so we can try to navigate new paths to protect, comfort, and soothe ourselves! Ally works closely with and specializes in anxiety management, self-soothing, increasing self-reliance and agency, self-worth and confidence, as well as healing from trauma. 

Neurodiversity (ADHD/ADD, ASD)

Life coaching

Living with neurodiversity can present unique challenges that require equally unique solutions and a care team that fully understands. We work with our clients to find tools and strategies that work for them in managing their overall health and wellbeing, from nutrition support to creating a safe space to discuss and understand neurodiversity and its common comorbidities in a more neutral and meaningful way. It is not uncommon to have comorbid struggles when living with neurodiversity, such as anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal or digestive issues, and/or disordered eating. So, if you have been struggling with any of these (or other) things, know that you are not alone!

Mental Health & Illness Education (Psychoeducation)

Student Looking at Laptop

Learn more about your mental and cognitive health with Ally. Often, we find that the more clients know about their mental health and how the brain/body function and react in certain situations, i.e., during times of stress, anxiety, depression, or panic, the more confident they feel managing it! We offer education surrounding the brain, body, stress states, mental health, and more, to help you feel more comfortable and confident!