Reviews & Testimonies

From current and previous Nourished Co. clients

"Amber goes above & beyond in her role as a Dietitian. My experience with her has been amazing. She is not only helping me develop a healthier relationship with food, but also helping me to optimize my overall health and well-being. I feel as though she GENUINELY cares about my health. She really takes the time to listen to what I am struggling with and helps me find solutions to those struggles. She is kind, empathetic, and creates a safe space for me to be open about what I am going through. I highly recommend using her services! I wouldn't be able to work on my binge eating, body image, mental health and EVERYTHING else without her help." - Harjeet
"An easy 5-star rating for Amber. She has done amazing working with my daughter through her eating disorder. More than just being knowledgeable about nutrition, she reads the room well. I have seen her be soft when my daughter needed caring words and tough when my daughter needed to be held accountable. She went above and beyond to make time to support and answer questions when needed. She reached out to help our family GP navigate this disorder with all its complexities. I couldn't think of entrusting my daughter's health to anyone else. " - C
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amber! She is hands down the BEST! She is so educated and is a wealth of knowledge. She is compassionate and empathetic towards my very personal and private matters regarding my health and relationship with food, she truly cares. She knows how to treat the issues and get to the root of the problem and her expertise is beyond amazing... If you are struggling with an eating disorder, body image, food addiction or just need a great meal plan that will nourish and fuel your body; look no further! Amber is your gal!" - V

"This review has two parts - the cliff notes version and the entire saga.


Cliff notes:

Amber is fantastic, and I owe her a great deal - she helped me repair my relationship with food and my body. I cannot recommend her more strongly to anyone interested in seeing a dietitian.


The saga:

Earlier this year, I realized I wasn't satisfied with my life, but even worse, I wasn't doing anything about it, just stewing in discontent.


I thought one of the biggest reasons for my unhappiness was my body, how it looked, felt, etc. These weren't new ideas; I've been struggling with body image since my early teens and tried all manner of diets, exercise routines, even hypnosis. There would be some initial success, but ultimately, the pounds would come back days, weeks or months later, usually with friends. And I'd feel an overwhelming sense of failure because "I was weak"; "if only I had a little more willpower, I would be thin... and pretty... and happy".


I figured I should enlist a professional, someone to help me overcome my failings. I would learn all the right tricks, and one day I'd have this perfect thin life, one day I would overcome my love of cake because morally superior people don't eat cake - which is a rather sad thought because cake is delicious.


It took the wind out of my sails when Amber said I was perfectly worthy of love as I was, that diets cause harm, and being thin doesn't mean healthy (or happy). A part of me was almost angry - "how dare you tell me that I'm worthy of respect when I'm not a size 0!"


Luckily, she stuck with me, and while it's still a work in progress, I'm reaching a place of body acceptance, have started exercising for the joy of movement, and no longer think about food every moment of every day. I eat what I want, and what's funny is I eat "better" because of it.


Before I was always on or about to go on a diet, I was either eating cookies, chocolate and ice cream for the "last time" or having "blown" my diet for the day was hoovering up all the forbidden foods in sight. 


Now knowing that nothing is truly off-limits, I rarely have those out-of-control binges, and it takes far less to satisfy my sweet tooth.


It's not all sunshine and roses; I've cried during sessions and letting go of being "thin and pretty" is hard - especially in a society that places massive value on appearance. 


But at the end of the day, I'm happier, and I thank Amber from the bottom of my heart for supporting me on this journey.


Thanks for reading; please be kind to yourself." - Cheyenne