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  • Amber Whittemore RD, BSc, MHSc

Why Our “Meal Planning” is Different!

First of all, WELCOME to The Nourished Community! And thank you for taking the time to get to know more about us and our meal planning support!

We are so excited to offer nutrition counselling services from our Registered Clinical Dietitians that are rooted both in the evidence, as well as intuitive, holistic, and sustainable practices… this is what makes our nutrition counselling and “meal planning” support DIFFERENT!

We offer balanced and intuitive meal planning support with Madison Wood, one of our Dietitians, that is designed to be food and weight-neutral. What this means is that we are NOT making diet plans or recommendations that are rooted in diet culture or the sole desire of weight loss - because we KNOW that just simply doesn’t work! If we want to make meaningful and sustainable changes to our health, we need to be focusing on more meaningful and important health markers!

When you work with us on a meal plan and meal support, you work directly with our Dietitian(s) so that we can gain a better understanding of what YOUR unique nutrition needs may look like before making any recommendations! There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition, so in order for us to support you best in genuinely meeting your bodies needs it comes down to understanding more about what your health history has looked like, what your health goals are, what your lifestyle factors may be, and SO much more (preferences, allergies, diagnoses, etc.)… our meal planning Dietitian specializes in gathering all the information she needs in order to make more balanced, personalized, and intuitive recommendations for you!

And because we are rooted in the values and philosophies of Intuitive Eating and Weight-Neutrality, our plans are going to be designed to bolster your overall sense of health and wellbeing. Because restriction is not an area we are willing to continue perpetuating in our culture, because we know that it leads to more struggles with food and weight, we instead focus on shifting the mindset around food to one that recognizes it as our medicine, energy, and fuel for getting through the day in a meaningful and grounded way!

The goals for our meal planning support are intended to invoke more internal motivation and desire to take care of your health, so depending on what areas of your life you would like to see changes in we might be setting goals for: improved and sustainable energy, better mood and emotional stability, improved strength or stamina, optimizing our digestion and nutrient absorption, feeling more in control of our mental health, and the list goes on! Weight loss is NOT a motivating goal, and we will continue to advocate for this as healthcare professionals and Dietitians in this field.

Madison, our meal planning Dietitian, is passionate about working in this field and supporting her clients in healing their relationships with food and nutrition. Because we know there is SO much misinformation out there on nutrition, and all too often people are being given nutrition advice and meal plans that are in no way designed to meet their individualized needs (which can lead to WAY more harm than good)… we are so excited to be offering personalized and intuitive support to our clients and community that is based around sound nutrition advice and research, tailored to your unique needs!

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