Meal Planning with Maddy

Get a meal plan that is customized to your needs from a professional you can trust! No more undernourishing, feeling deprived, and/or confused in terms of how to properly meet your body's needs... we got you!

About Maddy's Meal Plans

They are designed to be food and body neutral... what I mean by that is they are written and revised to improve your energy, mood stability, strength, digestion, mental health, or whatever else your meaningful health goals may be! They are in no way designed to be restrictive or another "diet" that isn't sustainable. I want my clients to think of them more like "intuitive guidelines" or "meal guideposts" versus a "meal or diet plan" - because that is how we make a meaningful and sustainable change!

Meal Planning with Maddy
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What Our Meal Planning Includes

1. A Discovery Call

A 30-60 minute call (depending on the package you choose) with Maddy where she gathers all the information she will need to create your personalized plan. Because our individualized meal plans are built around YOUR unique needs there is a lot that goes into them! They may be dictated by age, sex, height, activity level, genetic predispositions, culture, food preferences, health concerns, goals, and more...

2. A Personalized Meal Plan

Maddy tailors plans based on information from the discovery call, client preferences (i.e., plant-based, pescatarian, food/texture concerns, etc.), and formats them based on your routine and preferred layout (i.e., a full week with recipes, a general guide based on serving sizes and pairings within each food category, a guideline for meals and snacks throughout the day built around nutrient needs, etc.).

3. Follow-Up(s) with Maddy

We won't leave you hanging... all packages come with follow-up call(s) so that you can ask any questions you have to Maddy about the plan or how to implement it!

Why our meal planning is different



You'll be working with and receiving a guide that is created by a Registered Dietitian, meaning it is evidence-based and coming from a reliable source with YOUR best interest in mind! Dietitians are the go-to healthcare practitioners for nutrition, so the source of your meal plan should be too! 



Maddy works one-on-one with you to better understand YOUR unique health concerns, history, needs, and goals PRIOR to creating your personalized meal plan guide! This means your plan is individualized to meet your exact needs, it's not a generic "one size fits all", because your health is WAY more complex then that!



The Nourished Co. is a weight and food-neutral space that emphasizes healing the relationship with food and the body so that we can prioritize more meaningful health goals like energy, mood, and overall function. As such, our plans are NOT intended for weight loss, they are meal guides to improve and optimize your overall health and wellbeing!


Peace of Mind

You get to speak and work directly with Maddy throughout the process, so there is always a go-to person if you have questions or concerns with your plan. Our meal planning packages have differing levels of support so each individual can select an option that best fits their needs and goals.