Meet the Team

Registered, Accredited, Empathetic, Healthcare Professionals



Registered Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist

I am the owner of The Nourished Co., as well as one of the Registered Dietitians offering nutrition counselling! I work to optimize clients' mental, emotional, and physical health through nutrition education and intuitive strategies aimed at improving clients' overall relationship with food, body, movement, and more. 


Registered Clinical Counsellor

I support my client's overall well-being by promoting their resilience, confidence, and knowledge of their mental states. I offer empathetic, non-judgmental, and inclusive counselling in an effort to increase my client's agency and self-reliance!


Registered Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist

I work with my clients from an evidence-based and intuitive lens to help them better understand their nutrition needs as well as their relationship with food. As a Dietitian, my goal is to help clients heal their relationship with food and their bodies so they can have more comfort and confidence!


Registered Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist

Maddy is our dedicated meal planning dietitian!

She is now offering personalized nutrition education and meal plans developed around YOUR unique health concerns, needs, and goals. 

Amber Whittemore RD MHSc